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Rediscovering Crissy Field: San Francisco’s Coastal Gem

Nestled within the Presidio of San Francisco, Crissy Field stands as a testament to the transformative power of restoration and community effort. Once a military airfield, today’s Crissy Field is a rejuvenated coastal wetland and recreational paradise, offering breathtaking views of the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. This transformation is a story of history, nature, and the shared vision of a community committed to reclaiming a treasured waterfront space.

A Rich Tapestry of History

Crissy Field’s story begins long before it was recognized as a prime recreational spot. Originally a coastal wetland, it was seasonally occupied by the Ohlone people. The area underwent numerous transformations—from being used for stables and warehouses in the late 1800s to hosting the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. World War I saw it as a barracks area, which was then followed by its pivotal role as Crissy Army Airfield from 1921 to 1936, a period that marked significant advancements in military aviation.

Did you know?

    1. Crissy Field was named after Major Dana Crissy, who tragically died during a military test flight in 1919, highlighting its deep military aviation roots.
    2. The area played a crucial role in early air mail services, linking the West Coast with the rest of the country.
    3. The restoration of Crissy Field was one of the most significant environmental projects in San Francisco, involving over 100,000 native plants and revitalizing a once-neglected area.

Crissy Field Today

The modern Crissy Field is a vibrant example of successful urban environmental restoration. Visitors today are greeted with a hard-packed promenade perfect for walking or biking, surrounded by lush restored tidal marshes, sandy beaches, and native plant species. The Golden Gate Promenade stretches along the bay shore, offering unparalleled views of the iconic bridge and access to the water’s edge, where one can spot a variety of bird species and even California sea lions.

Not to Be Missed

The Tidal Marsh

A walk through the restored marsh is a must, where the interplay of water, land, and wildlife creates a serene landscape that feels worlds away from the bustling city nearby.

The Golden Gate Promenade

This pathway offers the best vantage points for iconic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, making it a favorite for photographers and sightseers alike.

Presidio Tunnel Tops

A new attraction in the Presidio National Park site and adjacent to Crissy Field. This new destination connects the historic center of the Presidio to the park’s Crissy Field waterfront.

It’s built on top of the Presidio Parkway Tunnels, with amazing Golden Gate views you can’t find anywhere else in San Francisco. This new destination connects the historic center of the Presidio to the park’s Crissy Field waterfront. Presidio Tunnel Tops has nature play spaces for kids, picnic areas, and places to walk in nature. You can even experience a classic national park campfire with the whole family. It’s a destination to enjoy itself, and a jumping-off point for other park adventures. Come to feel inspired and escape from the busy city in the peaceful Presidio Tunnel Tops. The area is free to enjoy, accessible for all, and easy to get to on public transit.


Location and Information

Address: Crissy Field, San Francisco, CA 94129

Website: For more details on events, activities, and the history of Crissy Field, visit The National Park Service and Presidio Tunnel Tops.

Why visit Crissy Field? It’s more than just a scenic spot; it’s a living classroom that speaks volumes about environmental restoration, community engagement, and historical preservation. Whether you’re in search of a peaceful stroll, eager to learn about local wildlife, or looking for a family-friendly outdoor adventure, Crissy Field offers a slice of nature’s best, right in the heart of San Francisco.

In embracing Crissy Field, visitors not only enjoy its natural and recreational offerings but also participate in a larger narrative of conservation and community resilience. It stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when a community comes together to preserve and enhance its natural landscapes for future generations.



Information provided by the National Park Service and Presidio Tunnel Tops.

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