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Discover the Harmony of Nature and Music at San Francisco’s Music Concourse


The Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park is a place where history resonates as beautifully as the melodies that have filled its air. Established as a central feature of the park, this landscaped basin serves as a bridge between two of the city’s most prestigious cultural institutions: the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum. It was conceived as a space for civic and cultural gatherings, showcasing the city’s commitment to the arts and community engagement.

The Temple of Music, an architectural marvel within the concourse, stands as a symbol of the area’s dedication to musical arts. Over the years, this iconic venue has hosted countless free concerts, bringing together people from all walks of life in a celebration of sound and nature.


Today, the Music Concourse remains a vibrant hub of activity in Golden Gate Park. Throughout the summer months, visitors are treated to free concerts, featuring a wide range of musical genres from classical to contemporary. The concourse’s open-air setting, surrounded by lush greenery and the elegant backdrops of its neighboring museums, provides the perfect ambiance for these performances.

Beyond its musical offerings, the concourse serves as a peaceful respite for visitors. Its ample seating and scenic vistas make it an ideal spot for picnicking, leisurely strolls, or simply soaking in the tranquil beauty of the park. For those seeking adventure, the departure point for all Golden Gate Park Segway Tours is conveniently located behind the Temple of Music, offering a unique way to explore the park’s vast landscapes.

Not to be Missed

  • Free Sunday Concerts: Experience the joy of live music in the great outdoors. Check the schedule for the summer concert series and special performances.
  • Electric Scooter Rentals: Embark on a GPS-guided Electric Scooter rental for a fun and informative ride through Golden Gate Park’s most iconic locations, starting right behind the Temple of Music.
  • Nearby Cultural Institutions: Enhance your visit by exploring the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum, both a short walk from the concourse.

Why You Should Visit

The Music Concourse and Temple of Music offer a unique blend of cultural richness, historical significance, and natural beauty. This space not only celebrates San Francisco’s artistic heritage but also fosters community and connection among its visitors. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a history buff, or simply in search of a serene urban oasis, the concourse welcomes you to discover its charms and make lasting memories.

Did You Know?

      • Architectural Heritage: The Temple of Music is renowned for its classical design, contributing to the area’s aesthetic and historical value.
      • Cultural Crossroads: The concourse has been a gathering place for diverse communities, reflecting San Francisco’s multicultural fabric.
      • Sustainable Oasis: Golden Gate Park, including the Music Concourse, is part of the city’s effort to provide green, accessible spaces for recreation and cultural expression.

In the heart of Golden Gate Park, the Music Concourse and Temple of Music stand as a testament to the enduring power of art and nature to unite and inspire. With its rich history, vibrant present, and promising future, this San Francisco gem invites you to be part of its ongoing symphony.


The Music Concourse, a landscaped basin between the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum, is a vital civic and cultural space within Golden Gate Park, hosting free concerts on Sundays during the summer and serving as a respite and picnic spot year-round for visitors to nearby cultural facilities.


Information provided by: SF Rec and Park Department

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