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A Galaxy Not So Far Away: Exploring Lucasfilm Studios in the Presidio

Tucked away in the lush landscapes of San Francisco’s Presidio National Park, the Letterman Digital Arts Center serves as the vibrant heart of Lucasfilm, George Lucas’ groundbreaking film and entertainment company. This state-of-the-art facility, a nexus of creativity and innovation, invites fans and visitors to explore the legacy of one of the most influential forces in the entertainment industry.

A New Hope for The Presidio

The transformation of part of the Presidio into the Letterman Digital Arts Center marked a significant chapter in both the park’s and Lucasfilm’s histories. Previously home to the Letterman Army Hospital, the site was reimagined and redeveloped into Lucasfilm’s headquarters in the early 2000s, blending cutting-edge technology with environmental sensitivity and historical preservation.

Did you know?

      1. The center is named after Dr. Jonathan Letterman, known as the “Father of Modern Battlefield Medicine,” reflecting the site’s historical significance before its cinematic rebirth.
      2. The Yoda Fountain, perhaps the most photographed part of the campus, has become an unofficial pilgrimage site for “Star Wars” fans from around the globe.
      3. Inside, the lobby of the main building houses an impressive collection of “Star Wars” memorabilia, including life-size statues of iconic characters and models used in the films.

The Force is Strong in This Place

Today, the Letterman Digital Arts Center is more than just the headquarters of Lucasfilm; it’s a symbol of the innovative spirit that drives the Bay Area’s film and technology sectors. The campus includes Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects powerhouse behind some of the most spectacular moments in cinematic history, as well as other divisions like ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm Animation, and more.

Not to Be Missed

The Yoda Fountain

No visit to the Letterman Digital Arts Center is complete without seeing the Yoda Fountain, a whimsical tribute to the Jedi Master that has captivated millions.

The Lobby Exhibits

While the campus itself is not open to the public, visitors can peek into the lobby of the main building to view a collection of “Star Wars” memorabilia. It’s a rare opportunity to see pieces of cinematic history up close.

The Public Park

Surrounding the Lucasfilm complex, the public park space offers a peaceful retreat with stunning views of the Presidio’s natural beauty. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely walk or a picnic.


Location and Information

Address: Letterman Digital Arts Center, 1 Letterman Dr, San Francisco, CA 94129


Visiting the Lucasfilm headquarters in the Presidio offers a unique blend of cinematic nostalgia and modern innovation. For “Star Wars” fans and movie buffs alike, it’s a chance to connect with the saga that has defined generations of storytelling. Even if you can’t explore the inner workings of the empire George Lucas built, the energy and creativity that emanate from this campus are palpable. It’s a testament to the enduring legacy of Lucasfilm and its contributions to film, animation, and entertainment technology.




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